Working for Clear and Consistent Principles in State Privacy & Security Policy

The State Privacy & Security Coalition (SPSC) is a multi-industry group that provides issue matter expertise to policymakers who are working to strengthen their state privacy and security laws in the absence of comprehensive federal legislation creating one national standard.

We support passage of well-crafted federal legislation that will provide clarity to both individuals and businesses about their rights and responsibilities.

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For more than 10 years, the State Privacy & Security Coalition (SPSC) has been providing issue matter expertise to state policymakers working to strengthen their state privacy and cybersecurity laws in the absence of a comprehensive federal standards. Comprised of companies from multiple industries, SPSC continues to support federal privacy law that provides clarity to individuals and businesses alike.
We work with state lawmakers, businesses, advocates and stakeholders across the country to help respond to legislation that  impacts privacy for both consumers and businesses, providing subject matter expertise to ensure legislation and regulations are both helpful to the consumer and workable for the business community. We believe increasing consumer transparency and control over their data while ensuring there are uniform requirements among states is critical to protecting all consumers, as well as reducing confusion for consumers and businesses.
Alongside other leaders in privacy and security policy, SPSC frequently testifies before state legislatures and participates in conferences and on state privacy task forces, as part of the effort to improve the nation’s privacy and security protections.

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